Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm Blogging!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog. I hope this will be an exciting forum for good discussion about theology. I'm curious to see who all is reading this, so send me your comments.

This blog is particularly interested in issues that are relevant to those who have been, are, or will be on this journey away from Christian legalism to Christian hedonism. If you would like to get started on this journey, I would advise you to start with two books you can find here and here.


Anonymous said...

This, will be an interesting topic. I cannot wait to read more as this grows. I'm proud of ya BJ!

Lisa Kay said...

Hey Ben! Well I will definitly have fun reading this once you get going and currently i am readying through Desiring God. Believe me..I tell everybody they should be reading this book! I'll send my friends to this sight...so be weary of some critics! lol..i just know how you love those! I'll even send Carrie the link! haha

BCJ said...

Lisa, I welcome the discussion. I hope all comments will be profitable. By the way, the plan is to move this blog to a website, so I apologize for the delay as the new web site is under construction.