Thursday, March 15, 2007

Don't forget the grace

One of the things that will inevitably be discussed here is the effect that "seeker-sensitive" ministry models and others like them have had on evangelical Christianity in the West. Here is a sample of one such critique, specifically of Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven" model. The article is worth your reading, but also be sure to read the comments. This comment to the above-mentioned post has much to consider:

I may not agree with everything that comes out of Saddleback, but I do know they are being used by God to make an impact for the kingdom and for His fame! There is really no reason to bash them…one responder to your blog said Rick was an enemy of the cross! This kind of blog only creates divisive attitudes in the kingdom! Who are you to questions Rick’s salvation…I laugh at your ridiculous brashness…Pharisees question peoples commitment to God!
Brothers and sisters, we need to hear the truth, but let's not forget the grace! Our critiques of Willow Creek and Saddleback do not have to become judgmental decisions of whether or not God is pleased with such ministries. I for one am convinced that God is using even "Christian legalism" to expand his kingdom. Yes, much harm comes through imperfect views of the Gospel; praise God for his grace.


Curtis said...

After reading the article you linked to, it almost seems that the blogger expected to find something, found it, and then he was irritated to find it. I think Swindoll might say something about "The Grace to Let Others Be."

wog67 said...

I think anytime you have a huge number of people in one place where the buildings rival large corperations, something's up. People should branch out from that main artery and plant local Saddlebacks where people are accountable to each other and their immediate communities. They can still tap the resources of the mother ship while giving people a more personal experience.