Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Piper Overload

I couldn't help myself. When Logos Bible Software recently announced two new John Piper pre-publications, I immediately purchased both.

First, you can now purchase Piper's Sermon Manuscript Library. I know, I know, you can read, listen to, download, and sometimes even watch all of Piper's sermons for free over at the Desiring God website. So why did I spend $55 for this product? Listen to this:

Logos Bible Software and the John Piper Sermon Manuscript Library were truly a match made in heaven. Search every sermon for any topic you can think of in only seconds. View each sermon side-by-side with the trusted English Standard Version. Studying a specific verse? Find out what John Piper has said about that verse by doing a simple search through your collection. For fans of John Piper, this is the next best thing to being at Bethlehem Baptist Church each week!
And once the library is mine, I will get free updates whenever more of Piper's sermons are released by Logos.

Then just last night I learned of the John Piper Collection, 24 of Piper's most popular books, fully searchable, for just $150! Logos has not (in my opinion) overstated the point that
The time we spend in these important resources will be time well spent learning how our gracious God meets our needs where we are.
I have committed myself to the purchasing of electronic titles whenever I can get them from Logos. Their products are not just e-books; they are fully searchable, fully integrated libraries of information. I am thrilled about these two Piper pre-pubs, and will find the $200 to get them one way or another.

Now it is my habit to rid myself of print books whenever I can acquire the same title from Logos. But here I have made an exception. After recently purchasing several of Piper's books for just $5 each, I will be hanging on to most if not all of them, even though I will now have the same title in electronic format. It is true that there are times that reading electronic data is simply a nuisance. But the electronic format is most beneficial for reference works, and Piper's works fit into the reference category for me since I turn to them time and time again.

So quit reading this blog right now and get these two pre-pubs (and the Libronix Digital Library System, if you don't already own it). Don't worry, I get absolutely no commission for this!

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Dan said...

I can vouch for that... Ben's right, he gets no commission on this. ;-)

Thanks for the kind words about Logos Bible Software.

We are almost as excited as you are about the new John Piper collections.