Monday, December 31, 2007

Reading Plan to Start the New Year

My good friend posted his reading plan for January 2008 on his blog (and graciously linked to mine, so I'm returning the favor). I figured I would do the same, if, for no other reason, it makes me feel somewhat accountable to get through these works since I've gone public with them.

My choices also lie in 5 general areas: Church Life (since I'm a church planter, these kinds of books will dominate this category for a while), Theology/Biblical Studies, History or Literature, Culture (something from the secular field), and Special Interest (typically marriage or parenting). I'm also trying to select books I already own.

Ed Stetzer's #1 church planting book recommendation to me was Ralph Moore's Starting a New Church. I've checked it out from a local University library, so hopefully I won't get too carried away since I like to mark up the books I read!

My reading from dead guys this month will be Francis Schaeffer's The God Who Is There. I've done precious little reading of Schaeffer in my life, so I'm eager to get into this work. I will be reading this book electronically, so we'll see how that goes.

Let's Roll sounds (and looks) rather cheezy, but it's on my bookshelf and I just can't seem to ignore it any longer. I'm hoping that this widow's account from 9/11 is not embellished for the sake of a story. Honesty, I don't know.

Fire Someone Today is written by Bob Pritchett, the founder of Logos Bible Software (click on the link at the top of this blog), a product that is great not only because of what it does but because of the business that it comes out of. I'm curious to learn more about this Christian businessman's view on making uncomfortable leadership decisions.

My son will turn 7 this year, so I guess it's time I figure out how to raise him. Seriously, Bringing Up Boys is a book I should have read several years ago, but better late than never.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your reading list. I am going to TRY to read at least a couple of them as well.

Happy New Year!


CresceNet said...

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The Shepherd's Desk said...

Hey Ben

This is Brian Fairchild. I found your blog through Curtis' (I mean Dr. Hill!!!) blog. Looks like you've got some good reads for the year ahead. I would love to visit with you at some point and since Curtis never remembers to send me your contact info I thought I'd try leaving a comment to see if I could get in touch with you this way. I'll leave my contact info below.

(432) 638-1658

May the Lord bless you!