Monday, February 11, 2008

So, Is It a Joke?

I hesitate to put this one on my blog, both because of its somewhat offensive nature and also because of its outrageousness. This blog is dedicated primarily to those who find themselves journeying away from Christian legalism and (hopefully) toward Christian hedonism (whether you like that term or not). So I have gone ahead and posted this one in hopes that those who find themselves still leaning toward Christian legalism will see how silly many of their "convictions" truly are, even if they find this guy too radical for them. In other words, it is my contention that although many Christian legalists would not agree with the words from this preacher, much of what I experienced in Christian legalism was not too far off from this kind of nonsense.

No wonder most people just get a laugh at us and don't take us (or our faith) very seriously.

Warning, the content may be offensive to some.

HT: Big Orange Truck


James said...

Keep standing, brother...ugh!

reglerjoe said...

Sorry, but this is no joke. My understanding is that the pastor himself posted the video on YouTube - apparently wanting to "shake up" the liberals with his "hard preaching." I left him unnamed on my blog because I am embarrassed for the man.

Nevertheless, his tirade serves as an excellent example of how NOT to preach.

XLT said...

whoa... I think you have this under the wrong heading... needs to be under "relevance" as an example of using every once of one's strength to avoid it...