Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Four Classes of Legalism

For you who read blogs regularly, you may have already read this post from late last week. But I had to put it on this blog because I found it quite helpful. I have often thought that today's Christian legalists are modern-day Pharisees; but in some respects the accusation didn't seem to fit. Dan Doriani convincingly shows how

Class-four legalists can preach sermons in which every sentence is true, while the whole is oppressive. It is oppressive to proclaim Christ as the Lawgiver to whom we owe a vast debt, as if we must somehow repay him- - repay God! -- for his gifts to us.
So perhaps today's Christian legalists aren't exactly like the Pharisees of Jesus's day, but the title legalist may still fit just the same.

The entire article is worth your read if you are a recovering Christian legalist.

HT: Justin Taylor


Sandy said...

Christian legalism really hurts those that are trying to reach others with the true message of Christ, which is love.

Jared Nelson said...

I took a crack at classifying "legalisms" once, more on the level of type than degree:

Jared Nelson said...

The Christian Mystic said...

FYI - I started a new blog called "The Christian Mystic" about living by faith from the heart. Its purpose is to help Christians loose the chains of legalism and intellectualism and find greater faith, freedom and joy in their relationship with God. You can see it here:

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