Friday, June 29, 2007

A Response Regarding Ann Coulter

Darrell Bock responds to the Ann Coulter/Elizabeth Edwards fiasco. His response (along with a previous one by Al Mohler) demonstrate that many (most?) politically conservative Christians who tend to agree with her politics do not endorse her way of promoting her views. Bock concludes:

Most importantly, for those who wish for a high moral standard to our country’s community life, someone who claims the high moral ground on issues need not and cannot stoop so low and truly advance the causes they advocate. In fact no matter which side of the left-right fence you are on (or even if you are straddling it), no one can or should condone five year old behavior in what should be a very mature discussion. When it comes to the tone of our political discourse, we all may need to grow up. So let’s pick our models carefully.

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